Monday, 27 March 2017

Welcome to A Disney Infinity Story!

Hi and welcome to a Disney Infinity Story. This is the official Blog for all the details on my new story I'm making using Disney Infinity.

Briefly, I'm going to just run through what Disney Infinity is and why I decided to do this. It's a sandbox-type game, where you get to create your own unique worlds based on your favourite Disney movies and play as some of your favourite characters. It's a Disney fans dream-land to be quite honest and I fell in love with the game when I first read about it. Last year it was announced that after Disney Infinity 3.0, Disney wouldn't be continuing with the game - complete bummer! However, a lot of fans are missing the fantastic Toy Box option to create your own levels and such, so I decided to put all the content and all my characters to good use, because I love to tell stories with Disney characters, which is what the game was all about after all. The possibilities have ALWAYS been endless with this game, so it seems fitting that we don't have to just sit there and PLAY this game do we? So, using the characters and the content from within the game, I've decided to create a story. One that will mix all your favourite Disney Characters together in one big adventure and may even bring some life back into the game again, as I'd love to see people doing what I'm doing now with their characters. Many classic Disney movies will feature in this story, so look out for your favourites.

There are a few catches though for people who are new to the game and just some info for you guys that are here because you LOVE Disney Infinity.

  1. Aside from playable characters, the only other option is use to Costume characters; which I have done. They don't do much and their actions are very limited. But I will continue to use them if their characters are in the game itself, as that's what Disney Infinity is all about. So don't let that put you off.
  2. There will be a player panel located in the left or right hand side of the screen. So don't let Mickey's sparks or character level put you off, just enjoy the story.
  3. For some worlds I used, certain characters were needed that WEREN'T in the game. Because of this, I've used some photo's from the Kingdom Hearts games and edited them so they'll fit into Disney Infinity. It may look fantastic or odd, but their characters are important so that's why they're included.
  4. Some fight sequences MAY look sloppy, due to the action and picture timing. It's just how it falls sometimes, so don't judge me for that.
If you guys love this story, please let me know as feedback does give motivation for me to keep going with it. Remember one thing...there's infinite possibilities in Disney Infinity!!!

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